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 November 14, 2018

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Hanukkah category - 15 Search results

A Child`s Hanukkah

A Child`s Hanukkah makes the case for a number of original tunes, consistently entertaining enough for a quality listen. Klezmer is the musical bed here, coupled with joyous clarinet and tambourine fills, supplemented with songs like `The Hanukkah Hop`, `We`ve Got a Lot of Latkes`. Held together by dialogue a family celebrating the holiday together, with plenty of lessons delivered along the way. This is a great addition to any child`s Hanukkah.

Books on Chanuka

Stories, observance, Talmud and Midrash by great authors such as Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz, Rabbi Yosef Stern , and Yaffa Ganz.

CD - American Chanukah

Few pianists can speak the language of music as fluently, eloquently and beautifully as Robin Spielberg. Mesmerizing audiences with inspired tales, extraordinary piano technique and heartfelt performances, Ms. Spielberg is in the top echelon of contemporary composer/pianists.

CD - Chanukah at Home

This is a wonderful album. It mixes traditional songs with new ones. It is fun and lively, enjoyed by the entire family. The songs focus on the sense of togetherness and joy of the holiday.

CD - Just in Time for Chanukah

Margie Rosenthal, Ilene Safyan

CD - Miracles: Chanukah & Passover

Beloved collection of Chanukah and Passover music. The best gift you could buy for any child from age two on up. Will transform your home into a lively festive place for the holidays.

CD - Shine Little Candles: Chanukah Songs for Children

Nice mix of English, Yiddish, Ladino, Hebrew - all with transliterations as well as verses in English. Melodies are fun and singable, all very different and nicely put together so you get a nice `flow` as you listen to the whole thing. Buchman`s instrumentation is simple, mostly nylon-strung guitar and some violin and accordion and bells, but have an intimate cozy feel to them.

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