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 November 14, 2018

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Music category - 17 Search results

Abayudaya: Music From Jewish People of Uganda

Currently a community of 600 people, the Abayudaya developed their faith in relative isolation since converting to Judaism in 1919 under the guidance of Semei Kakungulu, a military leader who fought Muslims and Catholics for control of Uganda. Consequently, these 24 songs are distinctly African, often with polyphonic vocal harmonies (of men, women, and children) that joyfully soar in Hebrew, English, and several Ugandan languages.

From Avenue A to Great White Way 1914-1950

From Avenue A to the Great White Way is a two-CD set that collects 50 songs tracing the early recorded history of Jewish music in New York and the subsequent influence that music had on American popular song. Henry Sapoznik, the producer of The Yiddish Radio Project series that appeared on PBS, compiled the tracks.

Greatest Shticks - Mickey Katz

Here is yet another collection of vintage Borscht Belt, recovered from long forgotten LPs and re-released for a whole new generation of Jews to discover and enjoy. Even if you don`t understand Yiddish, (Yinglish, actually, since Mickey Katz sings in a mixture of Yiddish and English), you will find these klezmerized parodies absolutely hilarious.

Hidden Gate: Jewish Music Around the World

This music is one the best 2 CD compilations of 2003. It is a gem that glows brightly. This CD sends out a rainbow of colours in all directions. What makes it so special is the careful selections of music contained within it.

Jewish Odyssey

This thoughtfully assembled sampler covers the major roots and branches plus some bonus oddities. Among the stand-outs are Israeli folk singer Chava Alberstein singing with The Klezmatics, a love song from the late Yemenite chanteuse Ofra Haza, and pianist Uri Caine`s avant-garde treatment of a 13th-century Moroccan text. The American ex-hippie Uzca, who sings in an imaginary language, is in a class of his own. --Christina Roden

Jews With Horns - Klezmatics

Jews with Horns features guest appearances by such New York pals as Elvis Costello guitarist Marc Ribot and the members of Betty and Moxy Fruvous. The Klezmatics themselves have played with such diverse acts as Shockabilly, Music from Marlboro, Lester Bowie, John Zorn, LL Cool J, They Might Be Giants and the Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band. For all that, the irreverently pun-titled Jews with Horns is definitely a klezmer album.

Kabbalah Music: Songs of the Jewish Mystics

Rene Rosenthal, Concert Producer, Workman`s Circle NYC `What glorious singing-exciting, upbeat, joyous.`

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